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These are the illustrated lots from sale No. 677 Tuesday 9th March, 2010

Sale 677 Lot No. 48

Lot No. 48 A RARE Early Salter trigger-pull spring guage. The brass barrel graduated 1 to 16 lbs. The blued flat hook top having British broad arrow and ordnance acceptance marks. Grade 2.

Sale 677 Lot No. 469

Lot No. 469 A FINE QUALITY 12 bore double barrelled sidelock ejector shotgun by William Golden of Bradford. The sleeved barrels with concave rib having dolls head extension. The signed sidelocks engraved together with the action, fences, top lever and triggerguard. With flowers and scrolling foliage. Figuered walnut straight hand stock with chequered wrist and anson forend. Nicely refinished. Grade 2 plus. Brl.28 ins. FAA Category: SG

Sale 677 Lot No. 664

Lot No. 664 A .32 Rimfire nickel plated Hard Pan 2 Revolver. Serial No.437. Standard specifications, sheath trrigger and walnut grip. Grade 2. Brl2.5 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 665

Lot No. 665 A .32 R.F. Cal. Nickel plated Hopkins & Allen Dictator revolver. Serial No:8120. Five shot cylinder, sheath trigger annd walnut grips. Grade 1 plus with 99% original nickel. Brl 2.75'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 668Sale 677 Lot No. 668

Lot No. 668 A Very Rare British ordnance marked .577 Snider carlibre 'Martini Henry' rifle. NVN. The blued round tapered barrel having foresight and ordnance marked snider, ramp and ladder rearsight. The chamber with London proofs -25- (.577) and ordnance acceptance marks. The action marked - Martini Tanner & Co Frauenfeld- on the right and -Martini's patent 1716 -. The triggerguard with file cut safty. The walnut fullstock with officially inlet cut-out at the wrist for the creedmore rearsight. Two barrel bands, The fore with bayonet lug and dovetailed for a sight. The butt plate with trap cover. Very crisp. Grade 2 plus with traces of original colour. The barrel with 90% original blue. Brl 38'. Further information may be supplied upon request.

Sale 677 Lot No. 669

Lot No. 669 A rare .450x3.25 Cal Webley No2 patent falling block rifle. Serial No:10651. The heavy blued tapered barrel with ramp foresight and three leaf rearsight. The scroll engraved action marked -Webley & Scott Arms Co Ltd- and - Webley No6385 1902 patent - and with winged bullet trade mark. Scroll engraved lever figuered walnut stock with chequered pistol grip and forend. Some loss of definition through refinishing. Grade 2. The rifling with vertually no wear. Brl 26'

Sale 677 Lot No. 673Sale 677 Lot No. 673

Lot No. 673 A VERY FINE CASED 297/250 Holland and Holland Royal hammerless boxlock ejector Rook and Rabbit Rifle. Serial No.21340. Blued tapered octagonal barrel cut with six groove rifling. The engine turned top flat having dovetailed foresight and three leaf platinum lined rearsight. The angle flats engraved -Holland & Holland 98 New Bond St. London. Winners of all the 'Field' Rifle Trails. 295. Semi Smooth Bore-. The colour case hardened action signed -Holland & Holland- within a ribband and engraved together with the charcoal blued top lever and triggerguard with best scroll folige. Gold 'Safe'.Fitted 'Peep' hole wrist sight. Finely figured walnut butt stock with chequered pistol gtrade and cheekpiece. Charcoal blued butt plate and engraved colour case hardened grip cap. The chequered forend with horn cap. In its original leatehr bound case lined in red baize. The inside lid having Holland & Holland trade label. The bottom corner hand written -Examined 28/1/16-. The rifle Grade 1 plus retaining virtually all original finish. Brl.26 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 704

Lot No. 704 A 7mm Pinfire Revolver. Sighted barrel, six shot cylinder, engraved frame with loading gate and extractor rod. Folding trigger and varnished walnur grips. Grade 2. Brl.2.5 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 705

Lot No. 705 A 7mm Pinfire Revolver. Sighted blued barrel and six shot cylinder. Blued frame with folding triigger loading gate and extractor rod. Chequered walnut grips. Grade 2. Brl.3.5 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 707

Lot No. 707 A very good gun size powder flask Circa 1840 By Dixon & Son. The pear shaped copper body embossed with basket weave and leaves at the base. The brass patent top having adjustable charger. Grade 2 plus.

Sale 677 Lot No. 708

Lot No. 708 A fine Hawksley patent gun size powder flask Circa 1840. The pear shaped copper body embossed with drapes and foliage Etc. The signed brass patent top having adjustable charger. Grade 2 plus.

Sale 677 Lot No. 709

Lot No. 709 A good Hawksley patent gun size powder flask Circa 1830. The pear shaped copper body embossed with hunting scene surrounded by oak leaves and animal trophies. Signed brass patent top with adjustable charger. Grade 2

Sale 677 Lot No. 710

Lot No. 710 A fine Bartram & Co pistol size powder flask. Circa 1830. The pear shaped copper body embossed with 'shell'. Signed brass patent top with adjustable charger. 90% original laquer. Near Grade 1.

Sale 677 Lot No. 716

Lot No. 716 A Scarce .44 cal. Fluted colt army model 1860 army percussion revolver. Serial No:72918. (matching). Round barrel with New York Address. Fluted six shot cylinder. The frame marked. -Colts patent-. Brass triggerguard, iron backstrap and walnut grip. Grade 3. Brl 8'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 717

Lot No. 717 A Scarce .36 Cal. Round barrel model 1861 Navy percussion revolver. Serial No:20049 (matching). Round barrel with New York Address. Six shot cylinder. The frame marked -Colts Patent-. The brass triggerguard marked -36 Cal.- Brass back strap annd walnut grip. Grade 3. Brl 7.5'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 718

Lot No. 718 A .44 Cal. Remington New Model army percussion revolver. Serial No:133871. Octagonal barrel with Ilion Address. Blued six shot cylinder and frame. Flared walnut grips with inspectors initials. Some minor staining. Grade 2 with 50% original finish. Brl 8'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 719

Lot No. 719 A .65' Light Dragoon ttye volunteer flintlock holster pistol by H.Nock London. 14 1/2' overall, barrel 9' with Tower private and makers proofs and engraved 'London'. Flat lock with swan neck cock and roller on frizzen spring, the plate with engraved border and 'H.Nock' walnut fullstock with slightly flattened butt with nio buttcap. Regulation pattern brass mounts, good working order and generally good condition. (Cock and frizzen old replacements, originaly fitted with a swivel ramrod, now completely removed).

Sale 677 Lot No. 720

Lot No. 720 An Indian D/B 14 bore percussion holster pistol. 12 1/2' overall. Heavy twist barrels 7 1/2' engraved top rib, scroll engraved back action locks marked 'Tower' ( the right hand one has Tower reversed). Walnut three quarter stock with chequered butt, engraved steel mounts. The butt cap with roped brass edging and having hinged trap. Good working order and condition. (metalworj bright, ramrod replaced).

Sale 677 Lot No. 722

Lot No. 722 A Rare five groove .577 cal Enfield Pattern 56 percussion service rifle. Round tapered barrel cut with five groove rifling and side bayonet lug. Ordnance marked ramp annd ladder rearsight. The breech having numerous ordnance marks. The lock marked - 1860 over tower -. And croowned -V*R- cypher. Walnut fullstock having brass regulation furniture. A small patch of bruising to forend. Otherwise Grade 3 plus. Brl 33'

Sale 677 Lot No. 723Sale 677 Lot No. 723Sale 677 Lot No. 723

Lot No. 723 A VERY RARE Massive British Military 4 bore (Nominal) Flintlock Rampart Muselt Circa 1780. The barrel having slight 'Swamp' to the muzzle. The breech having crowned -GR-Proof and board of ordnance broad arrow. The lock with crowned -G.R- cypher and -Tower- at the tail. Thoat hole cock and frizzen. The walnut fullstock with 'Handrail' wrist carved 'Apron' afround tang and carved moulded 'Teardrops' and the lock and sideplate. The forend with swell at the throat pipe. Brass regulation furniture and original front pivot. Original iton ramrod. The butt stock with surface dry rot otherwise quite crisp. Grade 3 plus. Overall length 73.5 ins. Brl.54.5 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 724

Lot No. 724 A 16 bore Flintlock paget lock New Land pattern holster pistol. Circa 1820. The barrel with tower proofs. The lock mark with Crowned -G.R.- Cypher. The stepped tail having safty bolt and mark - Tower-. Throathole cock with roller to the frizzen spring. Walnut fullstock with ordnance marks and brass regulation furniture and stirrup ram rod. Some staining. Grade 3 plus. Brl 9'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 728Sale 677 Lot No. 728Sale 677 Lot No. 728

Lot No. 728 A very fine 20 bore Brescian wheel - lock carbine (Petronel) Circa 1680. Round tapered barrel being octagonal to the breech. The lock with internal mechinism. The wheel with cover having chisizlled finials. The pan with automatic sliding cover. The dog having chisizelled neck and pivot. The walnut fullstock having graceful fluted cheek piece. Inlaid with iron strips and intricatly pierced iron furniture including triggerguard, floor plate, two side plates, butt plate and ramrod pipe Etc. Very crisp. Garde 2 plus Brl 22.75'.

Sale 677 Lot No. 729

Lot No. 729 A 60 bore Flintlock Pocket Pistol Circa 1800 by Ketland & Co London. Round turn-off barrel of cannon form. The breech having London proofs. The boxlock actionm signed within laurel ovals. Throat hole cock and frizzen. Slab sided walnut grip. Grade 3 plus. Brl.3.25 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 730Sale 677 Lot No. 730

Lot No. 730 A FINE QUALITY Flintlock Holster Pistol with silver mounts Circa 1720 by Peter Gandon of London. The two stage have slight 'Swap' to the muzzle. The breech engraved with acanthus London Proofs and his early -PG- poincon. Grooved tang also with acanthus. Signed rounded lock with cock and frizzen (without bridal) figured walnut fullstock having carved 'Apron' and 'Teardrops'. The forend with slight 'Swell'. The silver mounts include pierced side platem rococo escutcheon and grotesque mask butt cap. Iron triggerguard with acanthus finial. Minor pepper pitting. Otherwise Crisp. Near Grade 2. Brl.8.5 ins.

Sale 677 Lot No. 733

Lot No. 733 A FINE QUALITY 10 bore single barrel Pecussion Sporting Gun Circa 1850 by John Pratt of Edinburgh. Browned three stage barrel having central moulding. The top flagt engraved -J.Pratt 99 Princess Street Edinburgh-. The breech with platinum plug and engraved with spanials head. The case hardened tang engraved with best scrolls. The signed lock also engraved with scrolls and a spanial putting up duck within a landscape. Engraved dolphin hammer. The charcoal blued triggerguard with setter and partridge. Walnut halfstock with chequered straight hand wrist (Repaired) engraved butt plate tang. German silver foend cap. Grade 2 with original finish. Brl.32.5 ins.

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