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These are the illustrated lots from sale No. 678 Tuesday 11th May, 2010

Sale 678 Lot No. 69

Lot No. 69 A Rare British Ordnance marked 450/455 Cal. Prideaux loader.

Sale 678 Lot No. 80

Lot No. 80 A VERY RARE .22lr Conversion Kit for the 5.56mm SA80 Cadet bolt assist rifle. Serial No.2356. Consisting of 4 magazines, barrel insert, breech mechanism assembly and case kit. In its original transit case with Nato stock number As New. This being one of only two such kits haviing been sold nby R.O. FAA Category: S1

Sale 678 Lot No. 313

Lot No. 313 A Good quality 12 bore German double barrelled boxlock ejector shotgun. Serial No:25139. The underside barrells - Flussstahl Krupp Essen-. Engine turned concave rib. The action engraved with scroll foliage and having cocking indicators. Right adjustable set trigger and horn triggerguard. Walnut stock with raised cheek piece. Pistol grip and deeley forend. Chequering worn yet crisp otherwise. Grade 2 plus. Brls 30' FAA Category: SG

Sale 678 Lot No. 569

Lot No. 569 A VERY GOOD .303 Cal. Long Lee Enfield bolt actionj Service/Range Rifle. Serial No.3803A. The blued round tapered barerl having correct sights and engraved -Alex Martin Glasgow-. The action with dust cover, magazine cut-off and double pivoted micro adjustable peepsight. Highly figured walnut butt stock. The forend with Long Range Volley sight. Some very minor surface staining. Grade 2 plus. Brl.30 ins. FAA Category: S1

Sale 678 Lot No. 819Sale 678 Lot No. 819

Lot No. 819 A VERY RARE AND COMPLETELY ORIGINAL Nazi leather bound desk document folder. The leather cover embossed with the 3rd Reich eagle over alumuminium swastika. The inside back page marked with Eagle over Swastika over SS Runes over circled R.Z.M over 1211/38. Grade 2.

Sale 678 Lot No. 821

Lot No. 821 A GOOD AND SCARCE Pair of painted silk banners to the 9th or Norfolk Regiment. Each banner is 30 inches x 18.5 inches and made from black silk and painted with a Kings crown above IX. There is ared fringe at the bottom of the banners, the top has a wood insert and three pairs of ties and there is another wood insert at the apex, these help to keep the banners straight. Each has a makers label to the back. TOYE & CO LONDON etc.

Sale 678 Lot No. 824

Lot No. 824 A .32 Cal. Rimfire four barrel Remington Elliots Patent Pistol. Serial No.20029. The hinged barrel group with address and Patent dates. The action with rotating striker and ring trigger. Flared grip with walnut side plates. Grade 3 plus. Brl.3.5 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 825

Lot No. 825 A nickel plated .32 Cal. Rimfire Hopkins & Allen Ranger No.8 Revolver. Serial No.9001. Five shot cylinder, sheath trigger and rosewood 'Birds Head' grips. Grade 1. Brl.25/8 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 826

Lot No. 826 A .32 Cal. Rimfire Hopkins & Allen XL No.3 Revolver. Serial No.1368. Charcoal blued octagonal barrel, five shot cylinder. The top strap with address etc. Sheath trigger and rosewood 'Bitds Head' grips. Very Crisp. Grade 2 plus. Brl.2 5/8 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 827

Lot No. 827 A nickel plated and engraved .32 Cal. Rimfire -Red Jacket No.3- Revolver. Serial No.40009. Octagonal barrel, five shot cylinder, sheath trigger and Mother O Pearl 'Birds Head' grips. Grade 2. Brl.2.75 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 828

Lot No. 828 A Scarce .44 Russian Cal. Smith & Wesson model No3 new model single action revolver. Serial No:28992. Round barrel with raised rib engraved with Smith & Wesson Springfield address annd patent Dates to Aug. 24.69. The standing breech with barrel release catch. Six shot cylinder. Re-finished grips re-plated, Near Grade 2. Brl'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 829

Lot No. 829 A Scarce .44 Russian Cal. Smith & Wesson double action favorite revolver. Serial No:48362. Round barrel with raised rib having Smith & Wesson Address and patent Dates to. - 11 & 25 1880-. The standing breech with barrel release catch. Six shot cylinder and original grips. (The left scored) Re-finished. Near Grade 2. Brl 6'

Sale 678 Lot No. 830

Lot No. 830 A Rare 12mm Perrin thick Rim Cal. Perrins patent double action revolver. NVN. Octagonal barrel, six shot cylinder. The open frame engraved with foliage. Walnut grips and faceted steel butt cap with lanyard ring. Refinished. Grade 2. Brl 4.75'

Sale 678 Lot No. 834

Lot No. 834 A VERY GOOD CASED .300 Cal. Rook and Rabbit Rifle by Army & Navy. Serial No.55295. The charcoal blued round tapered barrel having raised foresight and three leaf platinum lined rearsight. The octagonal chamber section engraved -Army & Navy C.S.L London .300- and with fired blued extractor spring. The vivid colour case hardened action engraved with foliage etc. Charcoal blued side lever and tang. Highly figured burr walnut butt stock having chequered grip with colour case hardened oavl cap. Chequered snap on forend with horn cap. In an original leather covered case lined in blue baize. The inside lid having Army & Navy trade label. (Some mothing). The rifle Grade 1 plus retaining virtually all its original colour hardening and charcoal blue. Brl.26 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 875

Lot No. 875 A 7mm Pin Fire Revolver. The heavly chiseled barrel engraved -C LEFAUCHEUX BTR. A PARIS-. Serial No:5351. The frame six shot cylinder heavily chiselled with vines and flowers on a stippled background. Walnut grips. Loading gate missing. Grade 2. Brl 3.5'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 877

Lot No. 877 A Hawksley Patent gun size powder flask. The pear shaped body embossed with chain links. Patent top with adjustable charger. Grade 3 plus.

Sale 678 Lot No. 879

Lot No. 879 A Dixon Patent shot flask Circa 1850. 31b bag shaped leather body. Nickel plated patent top with spurious silver hall marks and three position cut - off lever Grade 2.

Sale 678 Lot No. 881

Lot No. 881 A Gun size powder flask Circa 1840. The copper pear shaped body embossed with flower heads within a tear drop. The common top having adjustable charger. Grade 2 plus.

Sale 678 Lot No. 887

Lot No. 887 A .31 Cal colt model 1849 percussion pocket revolver. Serial No:217671 (matching). Octagonal barrel with New York address. Five shot cylinder, brass triggerguard and back strap. Grade 2 with some refinishing. Brl 5'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 889

Lot No. 889 A 36 Cal Colt model police percussion revolver. Serial No:850 (matching). Round barrel with Hartford Address. Fluted five shot cylinder 2. The frame stamped - Colts Patent-. Walnut grip. Grade 3 plus. Brl 5.5'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 890

Lot No. 890 A .31 Cal Whitney-Beals Patent Standard Model percussion pocket Revolver. Octagonal barrel. The strap with Whiitneyville address. Seven shot cylinder. The frame with cylinder, shield and ring trigger and marked -Beals Patent-. Plain walnut grips. Brl 4'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 892

Lot No. 892 A Very Good .577 Cal Snider patent military rifle. The charcoal blued barrel retained by three blued bands. Correct ramp and ladder rearsight. The colour hardened lock having crowned broad arrow, Dated -1858 Enfield. The tail with Crown V..R. Cypher walnut fullstock. The butt stamped within a circle - R. MM. Enfield - over 1. Brass furniture, two swivels and original clearing rod. Some very minor stock marks. Otherwise Near Grade 1. Brl 36.5'.

Sale 678 Lot No. 893Sale 678 Lot No. 893

Lot No. 893 A 10 bore Indian Pattern Flintlock Brown Bess Musket Circa 1800. The round tapered barrel with Irish Census Number -DN 5669-. The lock with ordnance mark and crowned -GR- Cypher and -Tower- at the tail. The fullstock having hand-rail wrist, apron around tang and "Swell" to the forend. Regulation brass furniture. The butt plate also number -DN 5669-. The stock with two old repairs. Grade 3 with some staining and surface rust. Brl.39 ins.

Sale 678 Lot No. 894

Lot No. 894 A Pair of 44 bore Percussion travelling pistols Circa 1850. By R. Fenton Of London. The octagonal barrels having 'Flash' engraving at the muzzels. The top flat engraved -LONDON- within scrolls. The breeches with silver links. The signed German silver/Paktong box lock actions engraved with foliage. Engraved dolphin side hammers and triggerguards. Chequered walnut grips each having German silver caps with round hinged trap covers. German silver under ribs with stirrup rammers. Near Grade 2. Brls 5'

Sale 678 Lot No. 895Sale 678 Lot No. 895Sale 678 Lot No. 895

Lot No. 895 A RARE 12mm Franco/German Flintlock Rifle Circa 1760 by Johann Daniel Hess of Zweibrucken Pfaiz. The most unusual barrel being straight groove rifles matching the outside with long heavy flutes. The rounded breech section inlaid with gold flowers and leaves and signed -Hess In Zweibrucken- gold lined touch-hole. The flat lock also signed -Hess In Zweibrucken- within a foliage cartouche chiselled with trophies on a gilt background. Faceted pan, French throat hole cock. The frizzen also chiselled on a gilt backgrouns. Walnut fullstock with chiselled triggerguard finial and stylised butt plate. Top jaw missing. Some pepper pitting. Grade 3 plus. A Sleeper. Brl.38.25 ins.

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