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These are the illustrated lots from sale No. 682 Wednesday 9th February, 2011

Sale 682 Lot No. 86

Lot No. 86 The action stock and forend of a GOOD QUALITY back action sidelock shotgun By J B Warrilow of Chippenham. The signed assisted opening action and locks engraved with foliage and gun dogs putting up pheasant within a landscape. Rose twist barrells with top rib signed within a banner patent push forward forend catch. Figuered walnut stock. Grade 3 plus. FAA Category: S1

Sale 682 Lot No. 333

Lot No. 333 A .204 Ruger Cal stainless steel Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle. Serial No:S6637110. Fitted Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 MI long range scope. Synthetic stock. Grade 1 plus. Brl 26.25'. FAA Category: S1

Sale 682 Lot No. 534

Lot No. 534 A 12 bore double barrelled boxlock shotgun. By J Harkam & Son Edinburgh. Serial No:2246. Rose twist nitro proofed barrells. Signed top rib and action engraved with best scroll foliage. Walnut straight hand stock, with chequered wrist and anson forend. Grade 2 plus. Brls 28'. FAA Category: SG

Sale 682 Lot No. 536

Lot No. 536 A 12 bore double barrelled boxlock ejector shotgun By Charles Osborne & Co. 10 York Buildings Adelphi London. Serial No:69475. Signed concave rib, signed action engraved with scrolls. Chequered straight hand wrist and anson forend. Grade 2 plus. With some original colour. Brls 30'. FAA Category: SG

Sale 682 Lot No. 558

Lot No. 558 A .22RF Colt New Line nickel plated Revolver. Serial No.47208. The barrel Hartford address. Seven shot cylinder sheath trigger and varnished walnut grips. In its orignal leather covered case. The inside lid marked in gold Cogswell & Harrison Gunmakers New Bond St London. (The retailer). The revolver Near Grade 1. Brl.2.25 ins. FAA Category: S51aba

Sale 682 Lot No. 725

Lot No. 725 A VERY GOOD CASED .320 Cal. Webley Revolver. Serial No:874. Charcoal blued octagonal barrel. The top strap engraved - P. Webley & Son London & Birmingham-. Fluted six shot cylinder. The charcoal blued frame having winged bullet trade mark, chequered hard rubber grips. In it's original oak case. Re-lined in red baize. The pistol Grade 1 plus Retaining 99% of original charcoal blue finish. Brl 3'. Together with brown leather flap holster.

Sale 682 Lot No. 726

Lot No. 726 A VERY GOOD CASED .455 cal Webley Fosbery model 1901 target revolver. Serial No:894. The sighting flat engraved -Army * Navy C.S.L.- The strap marked -Webley Fosbery automatic-. Six shot cylinder. The frame with 'Winged bullet' Trade mark and marked - .455 Cordite only -. Safty lever and chequered walnut grips. (The right chipped at base pin). The muzzel with sight cover. In it's original oak case lined in blue baize. The pistol with minor surface staining to grip. Straps otherwise Grade 1. Reatining 96% original charcoal blue finish. Brl 7.5'. FAA Category: S51aba

Sale 682 Lot No. 731

Lot No. 731 A VERY GOOD .380 Long Rifle calibre Rook & Rabbit Rifle. By William Tranter. Serial No:55103. Charcoal blued barrel having dovetailed fore and platinum lined two leaf rearsight. The top flat engraved with the retailers name - J. Blanch & Son Gracechurch St. London-. The breech with ejector. The charcoal blued action having -W Tranters Patent- stamp. Walnut halfstock with chequered wrist. Near Grade 1. Retaining much original finish. Brl 26'.

Sale 682 Lot No. 732

Lot No. 732 A .410 smooth bored .295 Cal. Holland & Holland boxlock ejector Rook and Rabbit Rifle. Serial No.0306. The octagonal barrel engraved on the angle flats -Holland & Holland Winners Of All The Field Rifle Trials. London 1883 98 New Bond St London. 295. Semi Smooth Bore Patent No.1294-. Engraved action with 'Gold' safe. Figurered walnut butt stock with chequered grip and forend. Grade 3 plus, Brl.28 ins. FAA Category: S1

Sale 682 Lot No. 733

Lot No. 733 A SCARCE 12 bore double barrelled hammer shotgun by Samual Colt. Serial No.16197. Rose twist barrels. The concave rib engraved -Colts PT. FA. MFGCO. Hartford. CT.U. S.A.-. Signed locks, walnut stock with patent forend. One hammer rePAIRed retaining nuts replaced. Grade 3. Brl.28 ins. FAA Category: S1

Sale 682 Lot No. 737Sale 682 Lot No. 737

Lot No. 737 A RARE .177 cal Giffard Co2 target air pistol. Serial No:4482. Round barrel having correct sights. The breech part marked -Acier-. Foliage engraved charcoal blued frame. Rotating loading bolt, blued and engraved spur triggerguard adjustable set trigger. Blued cylinder, chequered walnut grip and blued butt cap. A patch of staining to left side of barrel, otherwise Grade 2 plus. With much original finish. Brl 11'.

Sale 682 Lot No. 751

Lot No. 751 A GOOD Bronze copy of a Remington US Cavalry man on horseback at the gallop. Grade 1

Sale 682 Lot No. 752

Lot No. 752 A GOOD Statue of a 7th U.S. Cavalry Man. By Regimental Statuettes. Grade 1.

Sale 682 Lot No. 754

Lot No. 754 A Genuine ladies Rolex Oyster Peppetul Date Just wrist watch. The bezal set with Diamonds. Near New in box.

Sale 682 Lot No. 757

Lot No. 757 A RARE AND VERY GOOD QUALITY 12 bore double barrelled Pin Fire Sporting Gun by Cogswell & Harrison. Serial No.6499. The slidinjh rose twist barrel having concave top rib engraved -Cogswell and Harrison 223 & 224 Strand London-. The lower part converted to the patent triple pivoted push forward underlever. The signed back action locks, long tang and dolphin hammers engraved with foliage. Figured walnut butt stock and patent forend. Some wear to chequering. Near Grade 2. Brl.29.75 ins.

Sale 682 Lot No. 761

Lot No. 761 A French Powder Horn Early 19Th century . Brass base and top having graduated push-in charger. Grade 2.

Sale 682 Lot No. 771

Lot No. 771 A VERY GOOD CASED 54 bore William Tranters Patent Forth Model Percussion Revolver. The charcoal blued barrel haviing dovetailed foresight. The top strap engraved with foliage and -Wilkinson & Son Pall Mall London-. Charcoal blued frame engraved with foliage No.21464T and with fireblued 'See-Saw' arbour pin latch and 'Hook' safety. Colour case hardened five shot cylinder having London Proofs. Engraved charcoal blued triggerguard and butt cap. Burnished and engraved rammer, chequered walnut grip. In its original mahogany case lined in greeen baize. The inside lid having trade label of Wilkinson & Y Son. Accessories include a bag shaped powder flask by Dixon, a brass double cavity bullet mould having -Tranters Patent- stamp and blued sprue cutter, rosewood cleariing rod, oil bottles and wash leather cap bag. The pistol Near Grade 1 retaining 96% original finish. Brl.6 ins.

Sale 682 Lot No. 772

Lot No. 772 A fine QUALITY CASED 48 bore percussion pepperbox By George and John Deane of London. Six shot fluted barrel group having foliage. Engraving at the fore and rear and bearing London proofs. The rounded frame signed -Geo & John Deane 30 King William St. London Bridge- Profusley engraved together with the bar hammer and safty bolt with best scroll foliage. Finely chequered walnut grip having engraved butt cap with hinged trap cover. Engraved triggerguard. In it's original mahogany case lined in green baize. The inside lid with correct trade label. Accessories include :- A fine Sykes patent powder flask, nipple key and ramrod ETC. The set Grade 2 plus. Brls 4'.

Sale 682 Lot No. 773

Lot No. 773 A GOOD CASED 64 bore percussioin pepperbox Circa 1842. The fluted six shot barrel group having Birmingham proofs. The rounded German silver action and grip strap engraved with foliage. Engraved bar hammer and triggerguard. Finely chequered walnut grips. In it's original mahogany case lined in green baize. The inside lid with trade label of Lacey & Reynolds Gun Makers London. Accessories include a fine pear shaped flask, ball mould, nipple key and oil bottle and a most UNUSUAL patent cap tin. The concave top having formed spout which dischargers a cap when located with slot in the base. The pistol with minor bruising to nipple. The set Near Grade 2. Brls 4'.

Sale 682 Lot No. 774

Lot No. 774 A superb CASED PAIR of 16 bore percussion belt pistols Circa 1850 By Blake & Co London. Each browned octagonal barrel engraved - Blake & Co. London -. Each vivid colour case hardened breech, bolted box lock action. Dolphin side hammers engraved with scroll and foliage. Engraved charcoal blue triggerguards. Fire blued belt hooks. Finely chequered walnut grips each having engraved colour. Case hardened butt caps with hinged trap cover. Stirrup rammers each top engraved with expanded flower head. In there original mahogany case with some accessories. The inside lid with faximally trade label. The pistols Grade 1 plus. Retaining virtually all original and bearing London proofs. Finish. Brls 6'.

Sale 682 Lot No. 775

Lot No. 775 A Very GOOD CASED PAIR of 48 bore percussion Duelling/target pistols Circa 1850 By Redfern of London. Browned wire twist barrels having dovetailed silver foresight and engraved -London- on the top flat. Engraved colour case hardened breeches having two platinum links and platinum plugs. The signed, bolted back action colour hardened locks, dolphin hammers and sighted tangs engraved with foliage. Wlnut halfstock having chequered grips and silver forend caps. Adjustable set triggers and engraved spur triggerguards terminating with pineapple finials. Original ramrods both in brass capped worm. In there period mahogany case re-lined in green baize. Accessories include a three-way powder flask, ball mould and clearing rod Etc. The pistols Near Grade 1. Brls 10'.

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