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Lot No. 427 AN EXTREMELY RARE Clip-On(Similar to a socket bayonet) Luger Muzzle Adaptor to facilitate a moderator. The body being part knurled and tapered Stamped -S.B. 5845- and a cancelled number beneath.The spring loaded internal cone with threaded forend for attaching the moderator. Grade 1. In all the bars in all the world and of the many thousands of Lugers I have handled I have never encountered one of these which is totaly original and will fit on any Luger as the muzzle does not have to be threaded. Like some I have seen which are fake.

Tel. 01636 893946

The next sale is on Wednesday 12th December, 2018 at 10:00am Precisely.
To be held at the Newark Showground in the Stuart Goodwin Room

On view, Wednesday 12th December, 2018 from 7:00am until 10:00am. Viewing of Section 5 items by Appointment only prior to the day of the Sale. Antique items may be viewed during the Sale. Please note lots are available to view on line but entry to the auction is by purchase of a catalogue only prior to the sale or on the day.

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